Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There's something rotten in Academia

  1. Joern Fischer: Why we need a new culture of science. He's also a co-author of a piece titled Academia’s obsession with quantity

  2. Stephen Curry at Occam's Typewriter: Sick of Impact Factors

  3. Björn Brembs: Journal Impact Factors Are Silly And Everybody Knows It

  4. DrugMonkey: A Smear Campaign against Impact Factors, ... and the Sheep of Science


  1. MP said...

    “…My friend is an adjunct [1]. She has a PhD in anthropology and
    teaches at a university, where she is paid $2100 per course. While she
    is a professor, she is not a Professor. She is, like 67 per cent of
    American university faculty [2], a part-time employee on a contract
    that may or may not be renewed each semester. She receives no benefits
    or health care.

    According to the Adjunct Project [3], a crowd sourced website
    revealing adjunct wages - data which universities have long kept under
    wraps - her salary is about average. If she taught five classes a
    year, a typical full-time faculty course load, she would make $10,500,
    well below the poverty line. Some adjuncts make more. I have one
    friend who was offered $5000 per course, but he turned it down and
    requested less so that his children would still qualify for food