Monday, August 27, 2012

Exotic White Culture

Les Blanches Exotiques, a mono-themed Tumblr blog, is getting some serious attention and links. Especially for this post:

The beautiful white dialect

I love how beautiful and simple the exotic white dialect is. Because it has less words and lacks any logical grammar, it just sounds so peaceful, calming, and real. You can just feel the emotion when you listen to them speak. It varies from tribe to tribe, but throughout the white motherland is basically the same. I took a two-week service trip to build a McDonalds with authentic white food and lived with an authentic white family, so I know. It’s so sad that they’ve started using civilized words from modern languages, “cash” and “pajama.” It must be because there’s no concept of cash in white culture. Did you know they have twenty different words for “coffee” but no word for “self-aware?”

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  1. Anonymous said...


    Am in a hurry but let me slip in a note that lets you know how much I appreciate the exotic and beautiful IIX culture, especially, those sweetly off-center tribes of IISc and IITs among them. I have been so lucky to have been to communities and schools filled with many exotic IIX people. They really are a one-of-kind, gentle-hearted vanilla people. They are so unique and fulfill such a special role in building whatever nation they belong to. So exotic, wherever they go. Also, very sincere and hard-working. That you cannot deny. And, when they work in India, you cannot ignore the great contribution they normally make at the regional and local levels. Really, these bright people need to be appreciated.

    [You knew it was coming, didn't you?]