Friday, May 25, 2012


  1. Mohit Chandra, a partner at KPMG, pens an open letter to India's graduating classes. He talks about "five key attributes employers typically seek," adding immediately that "... these are often lacking in you and your colleagues." Topping his list of key attributes is this: "1.You speak and write English fluently."

  2. Mitch Smith on Intellectual Ventures: Patent Protector or Pest? The question is relevant to India since quite a few top Indian academic institutions (including IIT-B, whose former director left that position to join IV) have a tie-up with the company which many see as a patent troll [see this NPR report, for example].

  3. Nick Hanauer: Who are the job creators? This was a talk he presented at a TED event; but it "was deemed 'too politically controversial to post on their web site'."


  1. Nishant Dasgupta said...

    Link: Response to Mohit Chandra's post by Greatbong at

  2. Rainbow Scientist said...

    I liked both, the original letter and the response. Both are true.

  3. vivek said... is the link of Nick Hanauer's talk in youtube

  4. Unknown said...

    Speak good English. He goes on to demonstrate that with this gem:

    "I was speaking with a colleague of mine who is a chartered accountant from Britain and a senior professional. I asked him why the pass percentage in the Indian chartered accountant exam was so low and why it was perceived as such a difficult exam."

    Ahh...the irony

  5. Unknown said...

    Thanks for these links. This will surely help many people, especially those who are studying.

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