Sunday, May 06, 2012


  1. Natasha Mhatre at Talking Pictures: Tree crickets break the rules, sort of. On her recent work at the intersection of biology, evolution, physics, and geometry.

  2. H.S. Ganesh at Colours has two posts on his engineering college days: Part 1: Those Exams ... starts with this: "Engineering eduction was painful, when we were actually there, however in retrospect it was a joke. At least I see it as a joke that makes me laugh..." And Part 2. The Fire! ends with this: "Though I hated the education system, I could never deny that it was the same system that gave me the chance to do some thing worth while, something meaningful - an experience that I would remember forever."

  3. Desi Babu at The Peanut Express: Chappal Kumar and Shoe Sahib.

  4. Digbijoy Nath at Playing with Electrons: What India misses, technologically.