Monday, May 16, 2011

Errors in JEE-2011

The rate at which JEE has been getting into a mess -- thanks to the wonders of the RTI Act -- makes you wonder how many pre-RTI skeletons are still hidden in IITs' closet. In the latest episode of egg-meets-face, the IITs have admitted that "[the 2001 JEE] question papers ... had errors worth a mammoth 36 marks."

[The ToI report says the errors are worth 30 marks. All I could find at the JEE website is this page which, as a piece of public communication, has FAIL written all over it. The only thing I could glean from it is that every candidate will get 12 marks, because the three math questions were fatally pathological.]

Here's HT's Charu Kasturi on what these numbers mean:

The 28 marks worth errors in math are more than the cut-off in the subject for the past four years - 1, 5, 7 and 11 - revealing the scale of the problem. The cut-offs for physics - where the 2011 JEE had eight marks worth errors - were 4, 0, 8 and 19 for general candidates over the past four years.


  1. Ungrateful Alive said...

    About time high fliers from several decades of JEE stopped believing they are some higher caste specimens. For every one of them there were at least a thousand other kids who were as bright and well-rehearsed at class 12, who then got a lemon for college education. Life is so brutal. (Disclosure: I am a JEE beneficiary and I think it is among the most wretched soul-draining experiences for Indian youth.)