Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crunching JEE-2011 Results

  1. While most other reporters were content with reproducing raw numbers from the IITs' press release, Charu Sudan Kasturi does a good job of putting the JEE-2011 numbers in perspective in this HT story:

    But the results ... also reinforced some long-standing concerns.

    The IIT Madras and IIT Bombay zones, where coaching classes most dominate through JEE training hubs like Kota and cities across Andhra Pradesh, have dramatically higher success rates for students.

    One in every 20 candidates in the south — under the IIT Madras zone — has qualified while the figure stands at one in every 25 in the western, IIT Bombay region. Together, they have contributed nearly half the total number of successful candidates, though less than a third of all candidates appeared from these regions.

  2. A key metric in the progress made by OBC/SC/ST folks is their share in what the IITs call the Common Merit List which features candidates who met the cut-offs set by the IITs [these cut-offs are 10% lower for OBCs, and 50 % lower for SC/ST/PD candidates]. I don't know why the IITs' press release doesn't say anything about this, but I found a ToI story with this data:

    ... Of the 2,545 OBC candidates who qualified, 1,540 made it to the common merit list. In case of SC students, of the 1,950 who qualified, 122 made it ..., and of the 645 ST candidates shortlisted to join the IITs, 33 made it ...

    Again, these are just raw numbers. Let's see what they mean. First, they mean that there are about 10150 candidates in CML [this number is approximate, since we don't have the data on PD candidates]. In other words, CML candidates form about 75% of all the candidates who are eligible for admission into the IITs and other institutions -- which includes IISc, by the way! -- that will admit (some of their) students through JEE.

    Those raw numbers translate into OBC, SC and ST shares of 15.2%, 1.2% and 0.3 %, respectively, in CML.

    They also mean that nearly 5 in 6 ranks have gone to general category candidates.


  1. Prashb said...

    " D V Rao, vice-chairman, Narayana group of institutions. He explained that the state is the only place where IIT syllabus is taught right from Class VI. "

    Any wonder why the suicide rate at IIT is so high - and specially amongst those from AP .

  2. L said...

    Prashb has got it right! Narayana found last year that the batch for which it had started JEE coaching from class VI has has had higher success rate.It plans to now move to this model in future. We can now expect suicide rate as also divorce and mental illness to rise in this segment of society.