Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scientific Misconduct by Author of "Moral Minds"

Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser — a well-known scientist and author of the book “Moral Minds’’ — is taking a year-long leave after a lengthy internal investigation found evidence of scientific misconduct in his laboratory.

The findings have resulted in the retraction of an influential study that he led. “MH accepts responsibility for the error,’’ says the retraction of the study on whether monkeys learn rules, which was published in 2002 in the journal Cognition.

Two other journals say they have been notified of concerns in papers on which Hauser is listed as one of the main authors.

More in this Boston Globe story by Carolyn Y. Johnson.

Hat tip: Medical Writing, Editing & Grantsmanship, whose author, Writedit, notes (with bold emphasis added by me]:

Author of Moral Mind, Hauser is apparently currently working on another book entitled, Evilicious: Explaining Our Evolved Taste for Being Bad.


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In an update, Writedit points us to this post at Retraction Watch.