Thursday, August 12, 2010

35 Dollar Tablet PC from India

If you count yourself among the skeptics, you might want to watch this video of an NDTV show [thanks to Animesh for the tweet-link].

This thing is real!

And it does demonstrate the kind of design and development talent that exists in India. Disappointingly, though, the great folks behind this gadget have been conspicuous by their complete invisibility -- HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has been the only public face behind this tablet.

[I work in the IISc -- one of the institutions behind this gadget -- and I have asked around; and yet, I have no clue about who at IISc worked on this wonderful project!]

I'm not very happy with framing this gadget as something that will revolutionize education in India -- note Sibal's reference to "my children" in Indian universities! When this cute little gadget was unveiled, Toronto Star's Rick Westhead asked me for an opinion about its potential in education. You can read what I said here. [If you are interested in to know why, see this post]


  1. Navaneethan Santhanam said...

    Totally unrelated, but you might be interested in this. Through a forum I follow, I found all the question and answer sessions of the Lok Sabha. For anyone interested in understanding how these things are done, this is a treasure trove of information.

    I'm tracking my MP's (Chennai South, C. Rajendran) Q & A, and seeing which MPs from Tamil Nadu are not asking questions. So far, Rajendran seems to be doing something, whereas Alagiri and Dayanidhi Maran are not.

    Here's the link -

  2. Kaustubh said...

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