Thursday, June 03, 2010

Links ...

  1. Aniket Alam at Left ~ Write: How not to Understand Muslim Fundamentalism [on why he disagrees with Mahmood Mamdani's "well argued and seemingly persuasive thesis" that seeks to de-legitimize people's right to ridicule/mock/criticize a tradition/religion that they don't belong to]:

    Attacking living human beings, deepening prejudice against them which weakens their political and social positions is not the same as attacking an idea or belief, however similar they may appear to us.

  2. Steve Coll in New Yorker: What I Learned About Blogging:

    Some things I did not expect that turned out to be true: ... 3) Aggregation and calling attention to other people’s good work without much effort on your own part is enough justification for blogging in the first place.

    Some problems that I half-expected that also turned out to be true: 1) Writing fast about serious subjects because they are in the news, without doing a lot of reporting first, can produce crap. [...]

  3. Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird has been delighting book lovers for 50 years. Here's the NYTimes review from 1960 [pdf]. NYTimes also offers a lots of links to stuff about the author, her lone novel, the movie, reviews and critical essays.