Saturday, June 05, 2010

Adventures in Academic Publishing: The "arXiv vs snarXiv" edition

Only one of the following is the title of a real paper, and the other one is a fake title. Quick: which is which?

  1. A note on the neutrino theory of light

  2. The reduction of supergravity with general Kahler potential supported on T^n fibered over the null future of P^n

Man, the arXiv vs. snarXiv game is so addictive.

See this for more on the creator of this game.

* * *

FWIW, this was the next pair I got: "Towards Leptons" or "Baby Skyrmion Strings". Again, FWIW, the latter is real ;-)

* * *


1. The running commentary on your performance is pretty good too. When you get 75%, you are a "1st year grad student," but when you are at 40%, you're a "9th year grad student"!

2. I should link to these two cartoons: String Theory for Dummies at Abstruse Goose and Two Cultures at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal