Friday, July 31, 2009

The long journey to IIT-BHU

The journey from IT-BHU to IIT-Varanasi IIT-BHU has been full of unexpected hurdles. This report suggests that a major hurdle has been cleared taking the institution a long step closer to the destination:

The Telegraph: Deal breaks deadlock, BHU closer to IIT tag

Banaras Hindu University’s engineering wing can retain the name of its parent varsity even after being cleaved into an independent IIT, the Centre has accepted, clearing a major roadblock in the execution of a long-promised upgrade.

Charu Sudan Kasturi's report sounds as if the change-over (aka "upgrade") will happen soon. That should be good news to the folks (IT-BHU Global and their allies) who have been involved in getting this done.


  1. Unknown said...

    This renaming of old insitutions with decades of heritage to IIT is absurd. Imagine if UC-Berkeley were renamed as Caltech-Berkeley, or even worse, American Institute of Technology, Berkeley. In one stroke, the century-old heritake of Roorkee University was erased when it became an IIT. Jadavpur has been lobbying for the same. And an IIT with a religion name in it is an incomparable atrocity. It's better to give them the same levels of autonomy and funding as IITs, but continue with their old names. Maybe IISc should transform itself to IIT-Bengaluru ;-)

  2. samik said...

    As per my opinion, the institutes like Jadavpur University shold get an IIT status. Otherwise, the alumni of this institutes are treated even inferior to NITs also in the national context.