Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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  1. Featured link:

    The Situationist Blog: The Gendered Situation of Chess, has a link to this report in ChessBase News on an interesting version of the stereotype threat:

  2. In a [recent] study, ... Anne Maass, Claudio D’Ettole, Mara Cadinu, Dr Anne Maass (et al.) pitted male and female players against each other via the Internet. Women showed a 50% performance decline when they were aware that they were playing a male opponent.

  3. Ed Yong, writing in December 2008: Why are there so few female chess grandmasters?

  4. P. Balaram in a recent Current Science editorial: Teaching and Research: Inventing a Connection (pdf).

  5. Manoj Mitta in ToI: How JEE is inferior to AIEEE in transparency

  6. T.V. Padma in India pours funds into climate, space research.

  7. Paul Krugman, on his blog: Princeton has asked "all faculty members [to] supply copies of their marriage licenses..." Which makes him wonder, "are there a significant number of my colleagues just pretending to be married?"