Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Links ...

  1. David Gibson: Social psychology of Facebook.

  2. Zuska takes on a question that keeps cropping up from time to time: Why can't women do anything great?

    if you still can't resist obnoxiously wagging Albert Einstein under our noses (as if his life should be reduced to an example), then may I offer for your consideration Marie Curie and her two Nobel Prizes? When you can show me some guy who spent his days out in a shed stirring two tons of pitchblende in a cauldron over an open fire to isolate a tiny little dot of radium, and was at the same time completely responsible for the care and raising of two children, one of whom grew up to be a scientist and win her own Nobel Prize, then we'll talk.

  3. Sunil Mukhi fisks Pankaj Vohra's column saying nice things about Varun Gandhi's father.

  4. Manasi: A true story:

    "Cop: What do you think you're doing? Don't you know that you're in public?

    Us: Is there a problem?

    Cop: Your behaviour is indecent. Either fork over Rs. 5000 or come with me to the police station."

  5. Dan Ariely: Warren Buffett's strategies for self-control.