Sunday, March 29, 2009

IIT news

The number of JEE applicants has crossed the half-million mark, nearly 60% over their number last year. The number of seats, on the other hand, will likely go up by about 20%; The second phase of OBC reservation will create about 18 percent extra seats at the old IITs, and two new IITs -- Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh -- start their academic program this year.

The Indian Express has a story about new academic programs in IITs. Despite its breathless prose, it's clear that these are small initiatives or in preliminary stages. The music and performing arts program at IIT-K, for example, has seen a 'soft-launch' with the help of Hindustani vocalist Veena Sahasrabuddhe. Another initiative -- a medical school at IIT-M -- could be really big when it becomes really real; but right now it seems to be in very early stages.


  1. Vinod Khare said...

    I think the grown in the number of applicants reflects the hype that has surrounded the IITs in recent times, marketing by coaching classes and increased awareness and availability of information in modern times.

    The increase in number of seats, of course, follows the more linear curve of increased availability of resources within the economy.

  2. Anonymous said...

    to the extent that these new programs are a natural progression in the evolution of iits to become an all-round "university" imparting wholesome education, this is a welcome development. new iits expanding to other regions of the country is also good news. but i hope these developments also trickle down to many state and central universities dotting the country.