Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Links ...

From Law and Other Things: (a) How come the Chief Justice is always in the majority? and (b) Is this the beginning of Mandal III?

From Scientific American: (a) Can you catch up on lost sleep? and (b) Scientists know better than you, even when they are wrong.

From InMind.Org: (a) Altruism: Myth or reality? (by Dan Batson and Nadia Ahmad) and (b) Anatomy of love (by the excellent Alex Gunz).

Vijaysree Venkatraman in the Christian Science Monitor: At MIT, low tech inventions with a high impact.

Tara Parker-Pope in the NYTimes: Eating your way to a sturdy heart.

From Second Life: Unicode in 5 minutes.

Finally, the mystery link.