Sunday, May 11, 2008

Links: Global higher ed edition

  1. Satya points us to Philip Altbach's article arguing that international higher education is facing a bubble much like the sub-prime crisis.
  2. Tamar Lewin of NYTimes on the ethics of universities hiring middlemen to attract foreign students.
  3. A serious rant from Malaysia (written by "Disgruntled Former Staff" ;-) on how an Australian university is taking that country for a ride. All in the name of helping Malaysia develop its "intellectual capital," of course.
  4. The UK Higher Education International Unit has some interesting factoids about globalized higher ed:
    • In 2004, 2.7 million students were enrolled in HEIs outside their countries of citizenship. In 2005-06, six countries hosted 67% of these students (23% in the US, 12% in the UK, 11% in Germany, 10% in France, 7% in Australia, and 5% in Japan). (UNESCO, 2006)

The last two links come to us via the excellent Global Higher Ed blog (here and here).


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thank you for your efforts, specially in the education sector. It made my day coming here. Do keep up the good work and know that we appreciate your work, eventhough, we might not comments on your every article. Thanks again.

  2. Anant said...

    Small world: my mother had been Altbach's Master's student in 1979-80 at Buffalo. She had been very impressed by his knowledge and depth already at that time.