Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Valentine links ...

Scientific American: Affairs of the Lips: Why We Kiss by Chip Walter. [Link via The Situationist, where you will find more links].

LATimes:: Science of the Orgasm by Regina Nuzzo. "To unlock the secrets of the climax researchers are looking behind the scenes and into the nervous system, where the true magic happens."

LATimes, again: Call Him Doctor 'Orgasmatron' by Regina Nuzzo (again). "Dr. Stuart Meloy stumbled upon an alternative -- and pleasurable -- use for an electrode stimulation device that treats pain."

Dr. Stuart Meloy never set out to study orgasms. It was an accident.

He was in the operating room one day in 1998, implanting electrodes into a patient's spine to treat her chronic leg pain. (The electrodes are connected to a device that fires impulses to the brain to block pain signals.) But when he turned on the power, "the patient suddenly let out something between a shriek and moan," says Meloy, an anesthesiologist and pain specialist in North Carolina.

Asked what was wrong, she replied, "You'll have to teach my husband how to do that."

[LATimes links via Tara Smith at Aetiology.]

National Post: Love-Cost Analysis by Dave McGinn. "Your long-distance relationship might be more expensive than you think."

Finally, over at Pretty Blue Salwar, Blue is playing Advice Columnist all of this week.

So: if there are any burning questions you want answered (including questions about things that shouldn't be burning), drop 'em in the comments [over at Blue's blog, of course].