Thursday, February 07, 2008

More links from the interweb tubes

The Ministry of Human Resources Development has (finally) decided to respond to the Singapore Government's request (which I presume was made several years ago) to set up an IIT in that city state. The answer, not surprisingly, is a firm no.

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I don't know how many foreign universities have a campus in Singapore, and how well these operations are going (if you have some information to share, please do so!), but there has been at least one disastrous failure: The University of New South Wales, Australia, which ended its operations within three months after starting them! This case has been dealt with at length over at Beerken's blog: here and here.

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Are Men Really More Competitive Than Women? Over at the Freakonomics Blog, Melissa Lafsky discusses some recent research.

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You have heard about the "Impostor Phenomenon", right? Learn more about the psychological motivations behind this phenomenon here. The stuff about "phony phonies" is especially interesting!

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Almost all the California bloggers I read (at least those who have said whom they voted for) have voted for Barack Obama: Aaron Swartz, Sean Carroll, Brad DeLong and Larry Lessig. The state, however, voted for Hillary Clinton by a 52-42 margin [NYTimes link via Blue].

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Talking about Obama, check out this wonderful video. Also check out Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC? [Link via Patrix].


  1. Anonymous said...

    UNSW Asia was meant to become the first comprehensive foreign campus in Singapore. There are however plenty of other linkages. Have a look at this post

  2. Animesh said...

    I am a California blogger too, but sadly, I cannot vote. But sure, if I could, I would vote for Obama.

    And why not vote for someone who understand the internet enough to ask for all the debates to be freely available? He is also the one who in his announcement-to-run speech said "Let's invest in scientific research, and let's lay down broadband lines through the heart of inner cities and rural towns all across America. We can do that."