Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sankarshan Thakur on Kherlanji

In this Tehelka editorial [link via Shivam]:

The roused conscience of the nation should ask itself why [nobody heeded the horror of the Bhotmanges of Kherlanji]. Because Kherlanji is a remote location? But it’s only a mobile call away from everywhere on earth. Because the Bhotmanges were dalits? Because this was not a People-Like-Us crime? That roused conscience of the nation should ask itself those questions. Does it operate beyond city limits? Is its cry for justice a cry for justice for all?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Er, freedom to take interest in what concerns one? The same day or round about a family was gunned down in Kashmir because they refused to marry their daughters to militants. Don't remember seeing that on your blog. The same day, at least 100 murders were reported. Oh, no mention of Ulfa bombings in your blog too.

    Because the victims were not Dalits?

    Let's cut the holier than thou and admit the truth.

  2. Doctor Bruno said...

    Abi is asking a simple question

    Why no one went on a candle march in this case