Saturday, November 04, 2006

On the internet ...

... nobody knows you are a dog, according to a rather prescient cartoon in New Yorker (it was published in 1993).

Also, it turns out, nobody knows you are a man, either. Listen to the man behind the woman (woman's blog, actually):

Vishnupriya Roychoudhury is entirely a figment of a very colourful imagination. She was brought to electronic life by a slightly diseased mind with a tiny bit of a god complex.


She was created as a prank. In order to make the prank work better, she was fleshed out. She had a personality, a history, friends and a family. She had interests and opinions. Most importantly, she had three things:

a) an email id
b) an Orkut account
c) a blog

Thanks to a 'man' who calls 'himself' Vivek for the link. [Who knows? One can never be too careful, so it's better to use those 'scare-quotes' ...]