Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Us vs. Orkut

A court in Aurangabad has issued a notice to Google asking why it's hosting an anti-India online community in its networking site Orkut.

Frankly, I think it's atrocious that such haters of India are allowed to express their hatred so openly. It's even worse that an entity is providing them safe haven. Our courts, which are already in a complete mess, will take ages to put the fear of our justice system in the culprits. Also, you can't trust the judges; in spite of their initial bluster, they may turn around and say India-haters are protected by our Constitution. There is only one viable, morally defensible course of action, and our government should pursue it vigorously and unflinchingly until the world is rid of this threat to freedom and liberty.

We should invade Google.


  1. neha vish said...


  2. Anonymous said...

    On the way to google can we please invade some other threats too? Like Kimberlyblogspot and such?



  3. Anonymous said...


    Shocking that this should come from you!
    After all these years of defending free
    speech, etc.! Don't you think India is
    robust enough, resilient enough, tough
    enough, great enough to weather a couple
    of anti-India hate mongering sites? How
    often do we hear talking heads on TV
    taking pot-shots at Pakistan
    calling it a 'failed state', 'something
    based on a failed ideology, etc.'?
    This is intellectually incendiary
    activity, which is as crude as putting up
    pictures of burning tri-colours.
    I pity those who burn tri-colours as
    those who burn cresent flags.
    Where is our righteous anger at targeting
    another sovereign country and
    a sovereign people?


  4. gaddeswarup said...

    I am surprised at this post. But I have not seen the site you mentioned.

  5. Abi said...

    Neha, Confused, Anant, Swarup: Thanks for your comments.

    Swarup: You should visit Orkut, just for the fun of it. I became a member there just a couple of weeks ago, and it's a happening place, with all kinds of 'communities' and 'groups' and 'friends', and so on.

  6. Anonymous said...

    I became a member there just a couple of weeks ago

    Whoa! I never thought that professors would be memebers there!

  7. Abi said...

    Vishnu: I never thought that professors would be memebers there!

    Me neither! You have to blame Kuffir for convincing me that the place is not that hostile to people in their forties ...

  8. Unknown Indian said...

    Nice post... But watch out, the Bombay High Court may also ask to cops to invade your home (or IISc)