Friday, October 13, 2006

"I'm Dalit. How are you?"

Please see the powerful short film (of about 10 minutes) over at Shivam's blog.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the link, Abi.

  2. Venkat Srinivasan said...

    I believe there is a larger documentary version of the same by K Stalin, titled "Lesser Humans".

    I saw it last year through a university screening, but have been unable to locate an online view. I am guessing it can be procured through the parent NGO, Drishti.

    Did find a review though:

    Thanks for bringing it up,

  3. gaddeswarup said...

    I vaguely remember a Krishnan-Madhuram movie (possibly Nallathambi) with a song which says that the difference between 50s and 60s will be that temples will be converted to schools. But there seem to be more and more donations to temples than to educational institutions.

  4. gaddeswarup said...

    Sorry; I seem to be getting dyslexic. This was meant to go in the thread on endowments.