Sunday, June 04, 2006

Senior citizens as tutors

61-year-old Devinder Kamath and his 60-year-old wife Shobhana who teach about 25 school students between them. There is no time to play grandparents. “Parents are only interested in marks. The children are under too much pressure for me to concentrate on anything else but their studies,” says 61-year-old Devinder Kamath.

"Though if there was time, I would have loved to tell them anecdotes and find out about their day in school,” he adds, wistfully.

From this story in the Economic Times about senior citizens in the tutoring business. The story is quite informative; it's an easy read for the most part, in spite of the rather rude appearance of some primal fears:

Parents are quickly latching on to the option of hiring senior tutors because of one primary reason — they are a safer option to young male tutors, at least in Delhi. In a city where young women working as home tutors is unheard of, there is an element of concern involved in men coming home to teach.