Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sonia Gandhi

Links to interesting commentary on Sonia Gandhi, whose second act of 'renunciation' has been causing some news ripples for quite a while now. And, oh, it has also brought a lot of misery to her opponents.

Red has a great post (as usual) analyzing what what this episode of 'renunciation' tells us about Sonia.

Over at "Arthasastra", Vikas details the reasons why he has changed his opinion on Sonia.

In the first and second weeks of April last year, the 75th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi march was being celebrated by organizing a 26-day march on the same route. Sonia Gandhi participated in the last leg of that march, and this is what Dilip D'Souza said in his blog:

... [There's] more to this woman than her critics allow. And the more they underestimate her, the more they undermine themselves.

Sonia Gandhi has been in active politics for less than a decade and a half. In this time, she has probably forgotten more politics than some of her (older and more experienced) opponents ever learnt. [One of her opponents seems to have learnt only one thing in his many years in politics, and he is riding on it once again: a chameleonic chariot]. In the highly competitive field of politics, Sonia Gandhi has proven -- particularly in the last several years -- that she is better at it than her opponents -- again (doing an about-turn on Congress' earlier policy to go it alone in government), and again (giving India its first technocrat prime minister), and again (her recent resignation of NAC chairpersonship), and again (going back to Rae Bareilly to seek a re-eletion), and ...


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