Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now available online: All the essays in Lilavati's Daughters

This time, it's *not* a false alert. I have checked it myself. This page has the links to all the essays; each link first takes you to a short profile of the scientist's career, and clicking on the title gives you access to her essay -- in pdf.

Now I can link directly to the essay by Prof. Rama Govindarajan and that about Dr. Anandibai Joshi by Pooja Thakar.

I thank Prof. Rohini Godbole, a colleague and one of the editors of Lilavati's Daughters, for getting these essays online, giving them a wider reach that they deserve. Here's her own contribution: It has been an interesting journey.


  1. Vikas Gupta said...


  2. gaddeswarup said...

    Thanks for the link. It allowed me to catch up on the careers of some I knew and several I did not. Perhaps V. Lakshmibai should have been there too. After several years as a house wife, she fet the urge to do mathematics again, joined TIFR, worked with C.S. Seshadri and by all accounts is an excellent mathematician.

  3. Anonymous said...

    In that "Women in Science" essays they missed out Dr. Tessy Thomas" or maybe I guess these contributions are voluntary or only for Science and not Technology.

  4. tris said...

    There are more than 100 women scientists in India from 1850 to now so many others have also been "missed out."

  5. Aaditya said...

    Hello: where can I get data on the number of women scientists in India?