Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Economics Job Market

I first learned about it -- the economics job market which happens during the annual meeting of AEA, the American Economic Association -- from this post by Noah Smith, and I found the whole thing fascinating [I am always interested in disciplinary subcultures -- like the importance of conference papers in Computer Science, or the alphabetical listing of authors in certain disciplines].

But you must listen to this fantastic Planet Money (on NPR) story what this job market does, and how it goes about it -- from the point of view of one of the job applicants (a truly brave soul -- right through the podcast, I was seriously rooting for him!) and of several employers. Absolutely fabulous!

* * *

Hat tip to Econ Nobel Prize winner Alvin Roth, who is also interviewed in the Planet Money story.


  1. Ashish Gupta said...

    It's touted as big deal since that's not common in US Univs. However, all Indian colleges have placements days/weeks which function is very similar way with better efficiency.

  2. L said...

    @Ashish Gupta, this process is for those who are "almost there" for the award of their PhD. The students put in a lot of targeted effort to produce a marketable research paper all through the 4th year of their grad school or maybe even the 3rd year. There is ground work done by the employers and by students and they are matched according to the area of research the student has done which interests the prospective employer. It is not like the campus selection in engg and other colleges that goes on in our colleges where a mass of students queue up to be interviewed and the best few get entry level jobs.