Monday, December 05, 2016

From the Annals of Consumer Complaints: Boring Lectures!

From The Guardian:

Graduate sues Oxford University for £1m over his failure to get a first
Faiz Siddiqui claims ‘appallingly bad’ teaching during degree course prevented him from having a successful career

An Oxford graduate is suing the university for £1m claiming the “appallingly bad” and “boring” teaching cost him a first-class degree and prevented him from having a successful career.

Faiz Siddiqui, who studied modern history at Brasenose College, told the high court he believes he would have had a career as an international commercial lawyer if he had been awarded a first rather than the 2:1 he achieved 16 years ago.


  1. L said...

    I wish I could do that. I joined this college in Bangalore with a passion for Chemistry and then developed a strong dislike for it. My interest was partially restored later, but never to that level.
    We had to recite "In a large tank, the well-powdered ore is taken. To it a little pine oil is added...." That's the one sentence I still remember after 45 years.