Monday, February 29, 2016

"... We [the students] ... declare our resistance"

When I wrote the post on #StandWithJNU yesterday, I was not aware of a petition that students in IISc and NCBS (and, probably, several other institutions) have helped in drafting [I thank Vishu Guttal for the pointer]. The petition is admirably clear, direct and forthright in stating, "By stifling their [Rohith's, Kanhaiya's and other such students'] voices, the government crushes not only the voice of students as a community but of marginalised students in particular. Against this we must collectively stand, and declare our resistance."

Also worth noting: the petition is available in many Indian languages.

Read the petition, and sign it if it speaks to you. [I have signed it, and I see several familiar names in the list of signatories.] Also, please do share it with others you know.


  1. Anonymous said...

    If there is any truth to anti-India but Pro-Pak or Pro-terrorists slogans raised at JNU campus, it is disgraceful. Is it hidden from the student community that majority of JNU student crowd is parked in JNU to prepare for civil services. They get subsidized hostel, food and library services.Just visit a hostel and you will realize the ugly truth. Will not sign or support these pseudo-free speech preachers.