Thursday, April 02, 2015


  1. Curt Rice in The Guardian: Don't be fooled by the closing gender gap in science PhDs.

    [The researchers] found that historically men have had higher persistence rates than women, with a greater proportion of men having continued for a PhD. Since the 1990s, we see something else. The persistence rates have coverged: men and women continue in equal rates. That’s great news. Or so it would seem.

    Unfortunately, the new study doesn’t actually show a pipeline being tightened up to leak less – it shows the opposite. The convergence in persistence rates for men and women is not a result of an increase in the rate of women taking a PhD: it’s the result of a decline in the rate of men doing so, which now stands at 3%.

    Is this something to celebrate? I can’t imagine why. ...

    See also: Bob Grant's article in The Scientist -- New Look at the Leaky Pipeline -- on the same research.

  2. An idea whose time has come! Noah Smith on Affirmative Action for Conservatives.

  3. Finally, do yourself a favor and go to the 58th minute of the video below (or at YouTube) and wait for Bobby McFerrin's magic over the next several minutes. [I know I have linked to this stuff a long time ago, but it's worth watching any number of times]:


  1. Anant said...

    I did not know they had curd rice in England?!