Sunday, September 14, 2014


Nalanda University is off to a modest start this year, admitting the first batch of 16 students in its School of Historical Studies and School of Ecology and Environment Studies.

Mint marks this occasion with a photo essay by Shamik Bag on this unique university project (e.g., its funding is through the Ministry of External Affairs).


  1. Anonymous said...

    Peof. Abinandan: As you might be aware Nalanda university has eschewed reservation on the basis of arguments that sound eerily similar to those of anti-Mandal activists. For example, Amartya Sen has said, "We have a deep commitment to equity, to get students from backgrounds, where they don’t get an opportunity for higher education. The University’s process is geared towards it. There will be no quota for different countries. We are guided by equity and there will be no compromise on quality of education".

    It is strange that various sociologists who so strongly castigated students and faculty from IITs and AIIMS during the anti-reservation protests have remained virtually silent on the issue (as well as remaining silent on the issue of various financial irregularities that have been pointed out by the CAG of India in the operation of the University).