Sunday, June 08, 2014

Science in Tamil - My Talk

Sometime back I had mentioned about my popular science books in Tamil language.

Few days back, without much warning, the IIT Madras Muthamil Mandram invited me for a felicitation on this 'precocious punditry', I presume. They also honored the publisher for his derring-do act of investing on such geek-horn verbal gymnastics in vernacular.

They demanded a speech from me as comeuppance, I presume, which I gave -- promising for ten minutes and delivering for forty minutes.

Here is the talk (mostly in 'spoken' Tamil) in two parts, which touches upon the why and how of Science in Tamil -- i.e., my  take of it -- and the contents of two of the books.

part 1 (23 minutes)

part 2 (20 minutes)
If the videos don't work here, check them in the related post in Tamil.


  1. Shubashree said...

    The idea of writing science in Tamil is really great. There is a need for writings on some philosophical issues. (1) Why do science at all - the role of scientific research in a globalised world (2) Big science and small science - how each of these has a role in our lives (3) How some apparently un-useful branch of study can have an impact on our lives - how applications and job generation need not be the only criteria for people accepting a science project (4) Spending on science - how a many-crore project can still be a small investment in comparison with amounts spent on other issues.