Tuesday, July 02, 2013


  1. Next Chief Justice of India favours reservation in higher judiciary.

  2. Unreserved on the rolls: "The merit argument is debunked as many OBCs make it to IITs in general category."

  3. Indian government's plans for 'heritage' universities:

    ... It will ... give a special 'heritage status' that are at least a 100 years old as per a Rs 100 crore proposal being finalised by the Union human resource development ministry.

    Making the cut are state universities like Universities of Calcutta , Bombay and Madras set up in 1857, Presidency University (1817), Osmania University (1908) Central Universities Aligarh Muslim University (1875) and Allahabad University (1887) and deemed universities like Indian Veterinary Research Institute (1889), Ramakrishna Mission Vivekanand University (1897) , Jamia Hamdard (1906), Indian Institute of Science (1909) and Bengal Engineering & Science University (1856). Jadavpur University, Forest Research Institute (1906), Indian Agricultural Research Institute (1902) are also being considered for the heritage tag.


  1. Unknown said...

    I think that is silly. If 100 years is heritage what would we call Cambridge, Leuven and such places elsewhere? Nice try covering up the Nalanda University fiasco.

  2. Ungrateful Alive said...

    @Phani --- If 100 years is heritage, then 50 km/h is "superfast Duronto", 270 byte/s is "3G", and Britannia feels compelled to boast "real cashews" on its cookie carton.

  3. Anonymous said...

    @Ungrateful Alive:

    You forgot the lawmakers rushing in grab the speaker's mike and even gavel for putting it to use as an instrument of "pursuasion" in "debates"; "super shopping malls" measuring less than 1000 sq. ft. each, and political parties rushing in to defend their "rights" to be kept protected from foreign "competition" even when the sector doesn't cover even 10% of the total consumer market; the argument of the "demographic dividend" being advanced with the hopes that the mention of the otherwise clueless millions just might help float the boat of one day becoming (if not already having become) a "superpower"; a judiciary not only acting also as the jury but sometimes not even waiting for a PIL to be filed before going ahead and "suo motu" taking executive policy decisions; cattle cozily sunbathing in the middle of "national highways" happily ignoring all the big imported SUVs madly rushing by them on the wrong side of the road because there are no service lanes anyway; the fuel of the SUVs being subsidized by an already broke government in the name of "social 'justice';" the environmental sort of "activists" prompty converting a natural disaster into a "man-made" one and simultaneously making the whims of bureaucrats and ministers look like the inviolate laws of nature; HR managers making millions of dollars in salary and bonuses last year appointing mere BAs at senior positions so that they could engage in haggling for more than two months with PhD engineers of 10+ years of s/w experience over the issue of a salary package of less than Rs. fifteen lakhs even as BTech graduates 25 years junior to him make more than Rs. fifty lakhs as the starting package---and this being advanced in the name of "the American way" of doing things, even of "capitalism"...

    ...You forgot so many things...

    Yes, when it comes to today's India, anything is possible. ...Anything. ... You could have made your list a bit more indicative.


  4. Ungrateful Alive said...

    Good one, Ajit --- there needs to be a "Don't Panic" version of Indian euphemisms here at the tail end of the failed experiment once called the Indian Republic.