Sunday, November 04, 2012


  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education has a special issue devoted to Gender in Academe. Women in science is the theme of several articles; start with a bunch of experts discussing the question Why STEM Fields Still Don't Draw More Women, and Sue Rosser's piece on how and why More Gender Diversity Will Mean Better Science. There are a couple of subject-specific news stories that are also worth linking: A Reboot in Recruiting Women Into Computer Science, and Is Biology Just Another Pink-Collar Profession?.

  2. Science Daily: The Academic Jungle: Ecosystem Model Reveals Why Women Are Driven out of Science, a summary of this paper by University of Queensland's Katherine R. O’Brien, Karen P. Hapgood.

  3. Richard Van Noorden in Nature: Global mobility: Science on the move. "The big picture of global migration shows that scientists usually follow the research money — but culture can skew this pattern."

  4. Philip J. Wyatt in Physics Today: Commentary: Too many authors, too few creators

  5. Dinesh Sharma in India Today: Top GM Researcher Falsified Patent Claim to Grab National Award. Dr. Kailash Bansal of ICAR's National Research Centre for Plant Biotechnology.


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    The third link is not working though the article is enough to find.