Sunday, October 14, 2012

From the Annals of Gaming the System

This one, however, is about a failed experiment, a loss of two years and 2 million dollars, and lawsuit:

The Chows, who lived in Hong Kong, knew little about the US educational system, but they did know that they wanted an Ivy League education for their sons. And they had money to spend on consultants like Zimny, who, they believed, could help make the dream come true.

What transpired, however, turned out to be a cautionary tale for the thousands of parents who are fueling the growing global admissions-consulting industry.


  1. Ungrateful Alive said...

    "The Chows are from China, where college admission is simple and based largely on an exam score rather than a Byzantine process involving essays, extracurriculars, and intangibles." Warts and all, I am relieved that JEE does not have a paper on "intangibles". The more "intangible" ivy league schools get, the better for society.