Saturday, September 29, 2012

Music Time

Gustav Mahler's 7th Symphony (3rd Movement: Scherzo; full symphony is here) by Vienna Philharmonic and Leonard Bernstein:


  1. Anonymous said...

    Half-hearted choice.

    When it comes to that genre, when you want something that takes you (i.e. assuming you possess a soul) by what you are, twists your soul like what the pretensions of those conductors' movements (like in this video) tend merely to suggest, like, like, taking a cloth and twisting it real hard, dropping the blood and the sweat of your soul, in an Aristotelian sort of a catharsis, sort of, and then, still leaving you feeling a bit elated.... A bit like an experience of feeling... and, what's the word, here... lighter?

    ... If you want something like that from this fucked up Western sort of a genre, then, sure, get in touch with me... Personally.

    Which, you will not. Too much stuffed up with Parsees and being in IISc and what with a "gandh-dhaarak" student placed already in IIT Bombay faculty despite being a few years younger to me and all that....

    Don't be too proud, Keralite BHU CMU Abi. ... There *are* musics to be heard....

    And, then, there are musics that have been heard, ... those plain simple ones, ... and not been looked into, i.e. appreciated. Esp. the Marathi music. (Here, I cut short the Karnaatic kudum dudum noise suggestibly due by your fellow blogger, that guy from IITM). I mean the simple, plain, Hindi movie music. Or, similarly, of Marathi "bhaavgit" kind. Sometimes. ....

    ... Ok. Since I said it, here is an example....

    "nako jaavu komejun maajhyaa, priteechyaa phulaa..."

    Given a competent orchestra (not easily possible, what with what those Bombay Parsees have done with both the Western classical music, and the specifically Maraathi tastes), I could easily rearrange the *basic* music of it, and expand into a full-fledged symphony. (Hint: Just listen to it, in a sufficiently competent rendition, on a violin. Hear the cry. Implicit therein. And, doing full justice to the words, the way it was meant. Or, listen to a good rendition on a flute. Rendered soulfully. Again. And, again. And, again... You will get it one day, then...)

    IISc should have tried it. Also, Surat etc.'s (Parsees' "original" land, not to mention the Yadav RaaNaa) beneficiary of the Tatas' present-day generosity and the present-day magnificence (originally owing mostly to their white skin color, what with the Britisher's obsession with the white color, exactly like with the Konkanastha Brahmins, during those "wonderful" British Raj days).

    I mean it. I mean, the orchestration, given a tune like that... And, then, there are hundreds like that... Whether needing an orchestra, or not. Music, nevertheless.

    Yeah, sure. Your choice beats the rap music. Abi, this last is a compliment. Take it.

    And, remember, that I go jobless. In this fucked up country of yours---the one that has given you a good life, but not to me.

    Regards (simply for running this comment, made purely on the fly).

    Bye for now. (I know you desire it, for now, at least.)


  2. Anonymous said...

    "The randomness of the universe is constantly increasing"
    Hence proved.

  3. Anonymous said...


    1. Your point is noted. I wish I could be a bit more offensive and a bit more random, while still being at least a bit, say, "engaging?"

    2. The fact that you don't have any profile to identify yourself in real life also is noted. Perhaps you are that proverbial dog behind the 'net?

    3. Finally, the fact that you didn't note my joblessness, also is noted. ... The passage of a little more time like this, and I should be able to do what I have noted in point 1, but without the help of a glass of wine or two, too. ... Until I am completely thrown out of the 'net fora/blogs, in which case I will carry it out, whenever I feel like, at my own blogs/Web site. Possible. Always, possible.

    Tch. You don't seem to understand. You don't seem to get who gets embarrassed in the process.

    Ever wondered why those people attending to nature's call (i.e. shitting, in plain language) by the side of the railways in Mumbai's suburb, don't seem to care about the fact that others are looking on? One part of the reason, of course, is that they have no other choice. But, mark my words (and I write these as a sober guy now), sensitivity is *not* killed so easily. Human dignity is *not* so fragile an idea. Morality is *not* the prerogative of the elites of a culture. When a man is pushed into that circumstance, he does not necessarily lose the three. Rather, he learns the skill to decouple sensitivity, dignity, morality from that one concrete issue. By the grace of reality, morality *is* a matter of choice. Even that man by that rails-side realizes, in some terms, that moral considerations are inoperative because he has been left with no choice. Nope. It's not necessarily subhuman. It may be so for 90% of them. But not for them all.

    And, if a man in a situation like that, or in mine, knows enough about ethical science that, yes, the whole thing being embarrassment of others---not of the self---also is a very, very easy possibility.

    No, dog behind the Internet, you didn't ask for it. I wrote it on my own.


  4. Anonymous said...

    You Sir are entertainment personified.

    Thanks for your time.