Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Penises of the Animal Kingdom

Do you know Jim Knowlton, won the IgNobel'92 for his anatomy poster "Penises of the Animal Kingdom," a portion of which is reproduced here.

[left to right: Whale, Elephant, Giraffe, Bull, Horse, Pig, Porpoise, Ram, Goat, Hyena, Dog, Man]

Read more at the Improbable Blog (check also this link for a video on how penises work; not as simple as you would snigger).

As a bonus, Jim Knowlton gets to teach courses with cool titles, like the Human Gross Anatomy at the Indiana University. The closest cool (or hot?) homophone that I get to teach is the 'Pennes' bio-heat equation, which looks like this:



  1. Desi Babu said...

    When I think of whales, I think of captain Ahab and his harpoons. Somehow, looking at the picture above, I have to say that a whale does carry its own Harpoon, doesn't it? ;-)

    Hope your injury is healing, Professor Abi, and you might like a tribute to Milton Friedman I wrote on his 100th today. At the Peanut Express.


  2. Abi said...

    @Desi Babu: Just a quick clarification: this post is from Arunn, who has been a co-blogger here for quite sometime.

    Thanks for inquiring about my injury, though. Yes, the healing process is coming along well, and I need some more physiotherapy sessions to get my hand back to a fully functional state.