Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Seth Myth

Mihir Sharma is turning into a one-man demolition squad. First came his review of India Calling, and what do we have now? The Age of Seth, a most delicious tear-down of Suhel Seth's Get To The Top: The Ten Rules For Social Success.

If you have seen Seth on TV -- and he appears there far too often -- it is very easy to hate the man. Here's Girish Shahane's post that's largely about Seth, the TV commentator. A memorable line: "He makes points forcefully and articulately, but never with any hint of insight."


  1. Ankur Kulkarni said...

    Abi, your timing could not have been better. Seth appeared on Face the Nation today. It turning out to be a decent and sensible debate, until Seth jumps in and starts saying outrageous, provocative things and then gets into an argument with some other charlie.

    The video is a must watch - it demonstrates how these debates are engineered to create heat and argument people like Seth are planted to stoke the fire.