Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Quick Note

While it has always been nice to see people becoming "followers" of this blog using the "Friend Connect" feature in the side bar, I never quite figured this feature out. I mean, aside from allowing one to declare one's interest in a blog (which I have done at several places), it didn't seem to do much else. Now, it turns out even Google is not quite clear what to do with it, and the company has announced that it's killing this tool. I don't know if this is of any consequence to anyone, but I just wanted to note that it'll soon be gone forever.

FWIW, I have set up a Google+ page for Nanopolitan. I don't foresee any (special) activity there -- I just wanted to claim the name +Nanopolitan before someone else did.


  1. Ankur Kulkarni said...

    Google buzz going away too! That was such a good tool.
    I am experimenting with facebook (!) by moving all buzz-type content there. Do you plan to move your buzzes anywhere? Or do you plan to stop buzzing altogether?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Ankur said:
    ...Or do you plan to stop buzzing altogether

    I am trying to imagine a stately IISc tying to undergo high-frequency volume oscillations in public ("buzzing").

  3. Abi said...

    @Ankur: I agree: losing Buzz (and especially its integration with GMail) is a bummer. Here's the work-around that I use: Any stuff that's shared on Google Reader will show up on Google+, and can be accessed through an RSS feed.

  4. Ankur Kulkarni said...

    Btw, reader is also going away. The thing with buzz was that one could write stuff, besides being able share other stuff. Also, it wasn't as overpopulated as facebook is. Google+ seems to have decent potential, but hardly anyone in my circles seems to be using it.

  5. Nappinnai NC said...

    I couldn't help laughing when i read your note on Google+ page. Since you set it up on a whim, you should keep it for whims & fancies:-) Perhaps, you should upload some of your videos like trip to France/Football games or interesting/boring get-togethers you experienced in your previous/US life! When i was watching Jazz loving cows video that you posted, there was an awesome comment saying those guys were playing New Orleans funeral tune to future 'hamburgers'. I started laughing hysterically. Sometimes the comments are more valuable than the actual message!