Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interview of Steve Jobs' Biographer

Steve Kroft of the 60 Minutes show interviews Walter Isaacson, whose biography of Steve Jobs is just out. The interview is in two parts -- since embedding has been disabled, you'll have to watch them both at CBS's YouTube channel : Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1 says Jobs spent some 7+ months in India -- this appears to be the time just before Wozniak and Jobs started making the first personal computers which launched them into the big leagues. It leaves you wondering if there was a deeper connection ...

But it is Part 2 that I found a lot more absorbing. It has a moving section about his family, and his battle with cancer, before winding its way down to his last days (we'll have to forget the really cheesy bit at the end, though).

Check them out; if you have only 15 minutes, watch Part 2.

[For a serious Jobs fan, CBS has even more: Steve Jobs Family Photo Album, What Steve Jobs Said about His Rivals, and Steve Jobs, the Boss: Defiance has its Rewards.]


  1. ankurpandey said...

    IMHO http://blogs.plos.org/neurotribes/2011/10/28/what-kind-of-buddhist-was-steve-jobs-really/ is the best post death Steve Jobs article so far