Monday, July 18, 2011

Is Canada the New Australia ...

... for Indian students?

Canada, which has long promoted its eagerness to attract foreigners, is experiencing a surge in the number of Indian students heading there for higher education.

Besides the country’s positive attitude toward outsiders, the chief attractions for Indian students are the lower costs for both tuition and living expenses, in addition to its lenient visa requirements, according to students and consultants who advise them about overseas study options.

The number of Canadian student visas issued in India jumped to more than 12,000 in 2010, from 3,152 in 2008.

While applications have increased at all levels, growth has been greatest at community colleges, which typically offer career-focused certificate and diploma programs


  1. Vikram said...

    While excellent from the point of view of the students, this is a telling indictment of India's higher education system. Students are preferring community colleges in North America to local Indian colleges. Community colleges are meant for adult education and for extra training beyond high school for students who were not strong enough to gain admission to a university.

    Not to mention the severe loss of revenue to India. We are transferring billions of dollars to foreign universities and a lot of our best labor !