Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi is blogging

Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi of the Department of Computer Science at IIT-K has been blogging for a while, but I discovered his blog just yesterday. Here's a quick taste of some of the things he has been blogging about lately.

  1. Are we serious about PhD program? Part I, and Part II.

    One of my colleague once said that we talk about PhD program because it is in fashion to talk about research, and we need to justify not doing research. But we really don't want to admit more PhD students because we are afraid we will have to work harder.

  2. Sexual Harassment Case at IIT-Bombay:

    I was shocked not because such an incident could take place in an IIT, but that such an incident was not swept under the rug and someone was actually being punished.

    I know of another incident in another Institute of National repute, where a faculty member even admitted that he had "touched" the female PhD student against her wishes. That he had sent emails with inappropriate contents, and many more things. And what does the Institute do. Make him the Head of the department.

  3. And this is from October 2010: Does Indian Industry Value Merit?

He has commented on a lot of things on his blog. Do check out his blog and its archives.