Wednesday, January 05, 2011

UG Program @ IISc

Hindustan Times' Rahat Bano interviews someone at our Institute about the 4-year BS program which will welcome its first students in less than 8 months. HT plays it rather coy by leaving the name of the interviewee out altogether -- with the result that the 'interview' reads more like an FAQ!

Here's an excerpt:

How will it be different from a BSc and a BE or BTech?

These are several aspects that make the BS programme different from the currently available BSc, BE and BTech programmes. The unique features of this programme include: Interdisciplinary character: Students specialising in a particular discipline will be encouraged to broaden their knowledge and skills by taking about 30% of the courses from other disciplines.

Substantial component of engineering: Students will take five-six courses in engineering, including three compulsory courses on engineering essentials (computation, data analysis and electronic instrumentation).

Exposure to humanities and social sciences: Students will be required to take three lecture courses and several seminar courses in humanities and social sciences.

Experience in contemporary research: In the fourth year of the programme, students will carry out a one-year research project with a member of the faculty.