Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The National Academy of Medical Sciences dumps the Inter-Academy Report

Well, this is interesting! [See the previous post for context.] What is even more interesting is this bit of mea culpa:

NAMS has now decided that it will not endorse the new report till each section of the report has been cleared by all council members.

If the now-discredited report was not "cleared by all council members," the next questions are: (a) Who cleared it? (b) How did NAMS become a party to to the Inter-Academy report? (c) Did anyone from NAMS contribute to the report?

To my knowledge, the report was circulated among the Fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences; it was not a draft (to be discussed and, if necessary, modified), but the final report itself -- the one that was submitted to the E&F Ministry.

I wonder what kind of revolt is brewing in the other academies ...


  1. Rahul Basu said...

    I discovered yesterday that the President of INSA has sent a 'mea culpa' mail to all its Fellows. What use is this? Why not a public mail. I have seen this document but cannot reproduce it. Can someone put it up somewhere. Of course the story of sloppy work continues -- it starts by mispelling the Minister's name as Jayaram Ramesh. You would think the Minister has been in the news long enough that his name would have registered permanently.