Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happiness and Grad Schools

  1. Greg Mankiw: Choosing a Graduate Program:

    ... Talk with the graduate students who are now in the programs you are considering. Are they happy? [Bold emphasis added]

  2. Diana Davis at AMS Graduate Student Blog: Choosing a Graduate School:

    Are the graduate students happy? Make sure to think about whether you could spend four to six years in the city where the school is located, and in the department you visit. Can you see yourself there? Do the grad students seem to have the kind of social life (or lack thereof) that appeals to you? If things like ethnic restaurants, parks and recreation areas, or night life are important to you, ask your graduate student host to show you these things during your visit (or if you can’t visit, research them online or ask current students via e-mail). [Bold emphasis added]

  3. My own advice: Avoid Jerks.