Friday, December 04, 2009

Manu Joseph on 'the comic side of the right wing'

A fun read. I'm linking to it because of this:

In some prominent men, who looked sane and wise, I had to just scratch the surface to see their incurable conviction that Hindus are historically special. A senior scientist from the Indian Institute of Science once told me, as a matter of fact, “A reason why we were so superior in the olden days might have been because of a technology transfer from aliens. Our gods may have originally been representations of extraterrestrial visitors.”


  1. Anonymous said...

    Funny?? WTF..
    it's yet another moronic, sickening, anti-Hindu diatribe!.... clearly the author doesn't know what is meant by Hinduism.... he doesn't know that the gujrat pogrom consisted of the cold blooded murder of Hindus trapped in train compartments by thousands of Muslims assembled at the station....And relating Raj Thakrey to NATIONalism!!! C'mon give me a break!

  2. p said...

    @anonymous read this too, and may you get divine enlightenment

  3. nuteshan said...

    My leader, Mayawati, is always warning us don't fall for Manuvadis. Manuvadis write like this only.

    I agree.

  4. Jaideep said...

    It is funny in the same way as it is when Christians believe in resurrection & Jesus born to virgin Mary story or when Muslims believe if they become martyrs they get virgins in heavan or when Communists still believe in socialism

  5. Anonymous said...

    Is this the same Manu Joseph who used to write for Outlook? He used to be a quite funny, this one was meh.