Monday, December 22, 2008

Hema Malini among the Crème de la crème

Apparently, the location of her program at the PanIIT Global Conference and confusion over what she was going to do (eventually, she just did a Q&A) caused a mini-riot. Here's an excerpt from a report about the Q&A with Hema Malini:

When asked how she managed to look so stunning and fit, she said, “Dance, yoga and a vegetarian diet. I also fast two days a week.” And after a brief pause added with a grin, “But of course I use some cream. Cream ke bina kaise hoga? (How is it possible without cream?)”

Here's another quote from this 'sampoorna' woman:

On her relationship with her actor-husband and how she managed home and work, she said, “Women are good managers. I never interfered in Dharamji’s family affairs. I believe in giving dignity and space to others.”


  1. Anonymous said...

    well this is expected considering that besides IIT, bollywood is the next biggest and famed export of india

  2. Anonymous said...

    That report was Hindu at its idiotic best.