Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NRI University

We have some more info on this initiative which was mooted over three years ago. It's going to be set up near Bangalore, and it will be run by the Manipal group.

Manipal Universal's (the education arm) CEO Anand Sudarshan told ET, "The NRI/PIO university will come up in Bangalore and is expected to start by the academic year 2010." The campus will come up on a 200-acre site towards north Bangalore, closer to the international airport.

Typically, a varsity of a large size and scale would require investments in the region of Rs 200-300 crore. The university will come about in phases over a five-year period.

While the university is essentially targeted towards the NRI community, there will be a percentage of Indian students too. Manipal is still working out modalities like course structure and fee. It is understood that general management, medicine and engineering would be mainstays with studies on Indian culture weaved into them. The varsity is hoping to offer a value arbitrage for its students.


  1. Unknown said...

    well its always a welcome news to have more number of universities, but the real mess with the indian education system lays with the government owing to poor or rather incompetent faculty and research in basic Humanities and Sciences, unless we don't make our Base in Humanities and Sciences , we just can't compete in the Knowledge society of 21st century