Sunday, December 11, 2005

A bunch of links

Let's start with coffee. Not just refreshing, not just wonderful to taste, but also wonderful to look at. A work of art.

Democracy 2.0. In other words, it's democracy by wiki! Here is the blurb:

Democracy 2.0 hopes to answer the following question: if the country started from scratch today, meaning there are no laws, what laws would you make for society?

Recently, we had a brief discussion about incidence of depression. Here is a page that talks about schizophrenia using the person's art as evidence. There is more information on that website about other conditions as well.

Here is a wonderful piece of tech history: The first web page ever. In an offline world, a document with the same significance would be a collectors' item sitting in someone's vault, and gaining millions of dollars in value. Aren't you glad that we live in an online world?

Thanks to digg for pointers to all these sites/pages.