Saturday, September 10, 2005

Elementary, says Watson

I got [via reader Guru] this link to an interview of Prof. James Watson (of Watson and Crick fame).

Watson has some strong, controversial views on many things. I am sure some of them are bound to cause some discomfort in you (as they did in me). I am linking to it here just for this last bit:

More than one century after Darwin, there is an impasse between science and religion — or, at least, between science and certain religions that are obsessed with the course of biology. They do not like the concept of evolution, although all biologists apply it because it is not about a mere theory but about a fact. The current controversy is about the wisdom of teaching at school the “intelligent design” side by side with evolutionism. This is mixing up science and belief. It is mixing up ideas that have an experimental basis with other ideas that have no basis at all. I do not think that this should happen.

While we are at it, Clifford Johnson has a New Yorker cartoon, with a caption provided by a reader. It is absolutely great. Go see it now!