Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Intelligent theory of gravity

This is serious stuff. We now have a competing theory of gravity. Go read it! [Link via Pharyngula]


  1. Anonymous said...

    maybe all scientists should take short sabbaticals and spend it on refuting these stuff!!!
    Why does all this make such an impression in the public space?? it due to a lack of vigour in science popularisation efforts?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hello Abhi and Aswin,
    I hope you DO know that the Onion is the finest source of satirical/parodical news & spoofs acknowledged by one and all, don't you? Your one line link, and pharungula's doubt makes me feel you got done in by the Onion guys :-)

    eg. Read this:
    Nukevahistan may have nuclear weapons.
    Iraqi cop moonlighting as terrorist just to make ends meet...

    Erase all doubts..and enjoy the Onion for what it is :D

  3. Abi said...

    Gee, thanks, Suhail!

  4. Anonymous said...

    Oh!.. i didn't know that..but wait, "nukevahistan" is a creation at onion. But the intelligent gravity seems to be actually in practice. Even if the onion post was meant to be a fun one...that Rev. Gabriel Burdett in the photo is real right?